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Grow Your Investment by 50% Within One Week


Why Choose Myfunds?

Myfunds is aimed at Enabling Financial Independence among Members and Participants by Enabling them achieve their Financial Potential

Myfunds is not a business but rather a peer to peer platform that gives members the flexibility to choose the amount of help that they want to provide while they get help of 50% increment in one week



Phone Verification

Phone Numbers are proberly verified via sms during registration to discourage spammers.


Full Control on PH amount(N10,000 - 100,000). You get matched to PH 72 Hours after registration


24/7 Support Uptime via LiveChat, Social Media group Chat and Support Panel on Dashboard to report any issues that may occur. On Myfunds You are never alone.

Recycle Policy

Automated matching. GH Button Appears 3 Days After Confirmation. AutoRecycle applies. 5% bonus applicable on each recycle. Bonus withdrawable when it reaches N20,000